Raise the Tobacco Tax: Invest in a healthy future for Louisiana’s kids.

Our mission is to create a healthier Louisiana by increasing the state's tobacco tax. Why? Because the science is clear: A higher tobacco tax is one of the most effective way to reduce smoking and other tobacco use, especially among kids.

Louisiana has one of the highest smoking rates in the country, and we're paying the price. Smoking kills over 7,000 Louisianans and costs our state $1.9 billion in health care bills every year. And nearly 100,000 Louisiana kids alive today will ultimately die from smoking — unless we act now to prevent it.

We envision a healthier Louisiana with fewer children starting to smoke, more adults quitting and lower health care costs. A higher tobacco tax is also a reliable source of significant new revenue to help the state's budget. Increasing the tobacco tax is a wise investment in Louisiana's kids and future. Read more...



7th Highest

adult smoking rate in the U.S.

3,700 Kids

become daily smokers each year